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The immune system shields the body by helping it fight against infections and to recuperate from previous illness. While regular exercise and application of stress-reduction techniques are known to promote strengthening of immune system, the type of food we consume takes up the biggest factor towards a healthy immune system. Having a balanced diet including a good amount of nourishing foods will fortify the body’s immune defense like you’ve never experienced before. Building a safe environment supporting your health is the primary thing to keep in mind. This means eliminating toxic elements and chemical substances surrounding your environment, and these include the food you eat. Adding a healthful food to your diet such as Baobab for the immune system can greatly boost your current health status, particularly for people with past unhealthy lifestyle like smoking and alcohol drinking.

People with very busy lifestyles tend to disregard their health, leading to stress and weak body defense. For this reason, taking Baobab for the immune system can greatly help in increasing defense against illnesses and boost energy. Baobab contains some of the most vital antioxidants and the content level is higher compared to pomegranates, Acai, blueberries and other antioxidant-rich fruits. Antioxidants are very important as they protect the body from environmental pollutants, stress and free radical damage.

Baobab fruit has specifically high antioxidant activity due to its high level of natural Vitamin C content. Inadequate intake of Vitamin C leads to nutritional deficiency, which results to weakening of the immune system and susceptibility to diseases. It requires a mere 23 grams of Baobab powder to attain the daily recommended Vitamin C dose. You can also take 50 grams of powder to achieve daily saturation of Vitamin C while Vitamin C deficient people should take 90 grams of powder.

They said the stomach is the foundation of a strong immune system and perhaps this is true in the sense that the digestive system is the one responsible in processing the food we eat for the rest of the body’s nutrition. That is why it is recommended to eat food rich in dietary fiber and prebiotics to ensure a healthy gut. Baobab fruit pulp contains large amounts of fiber that can reach nearly 45grams/100 grams. Dietary fiber should always be present on the daily diet to maintain digestive health. A few of its functions are to stabilize blood glucose levels, remove bad cholesterol from the liver, stimulate the production of antibodies and useful body chemicals, increase the production of healthy bacteria in the intestine, and control inflammation. All of these dietary fiber functions contribute to the strengthening of the immune system. Thus it is best to add Baobab for the immune system strengthening.

Our immune system comprises different specialized cells, tissues, organs and body proteins that help combat harmful microorganisms that may cause diseases. For this, it is important to take foods rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber like Baobab for the immune system. Adding Baobab powder to your daily diet plan won’t only improve bodily functions but also boost immune defense system.

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