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Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre

What is Gymnema Sylvestre? Gymnema sylvestre is a woody climber that belongs to the Asclepiadaceae family. It grows in the tropical forests of India and is very popular in Konkan, Bihar, Central India, and Western Ghats. It has long, winding slender branches and bears fruits that look like a ram’s horn. Its roots and oblate leaves are the ones with medicinal properties. For 2,000 years, it has been used in India for diabetes mellitus. Millions of Indian people have benefitted from this miracle herb that is now just making its way in the United States. It began gaining momentum in western countries after several scientist studies were published about it in the 1980′s. Today, it is widely commercialized in the US and Europe and people buy gymnema sylvestre for a number of reasons.

The leading use of this Ayurvedic herb is as treatment for diabetes. Studies conducted both in London and India prove what Ayurvedic practitioners have already known for centuries. Today, it is widely accepted as an effective treatment for diabetes and as an agent in maintaining blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Gymnema sylvestre has been found to contain acids and chemicals that suppress the sense of taste for sweetness. This means that once gymnema sylvestre is ingested, the craving for sugar is reduced if not completely diminished.

Ancient records reveal that people used to chew gymnema sylvestre leaves. As they are masticated, they release a bittersweet taste, which modern science has now identified as the anti-sweet gymnemic acids. Chewing the leaves in ancient times was the equivalent to the modern-day extracts.

The leaves and roots do not have any culinary value although they are completely safe if unintentionally swallowed. In fact, there are no known gymnema sylvestre side effects. A number of studies have declared it to be non-toxic and completely safe. And since it is safe, it is advised for people suspected to have diabetes to take the herb even before being diagnosed with the ailment.

What are its other uses?

It is now slowly being commercialized as a weight-loss herbal supplement. Since it is very effective in reducing the urge to eat sugar and fatty foods, it is considered a very helpful supplement for anyone attempting to lose weight, although it is not known to suppress hunger or burn fats.

The other known uses and benefits of gymnema sylvestre plant include the treatment of cough, fever, jaundice, asthma, constipation, hemorrhoids, bronchitis and liver problems. Some also believe that it has stimulating, laxative and diuretic properties. In ancient times, it was also used to cure insect bites, allergies and snake bites.

Where to buy gymnema sylvestre:

It is available in health stores, Asian stores, weight-loss stores and online retailers such as Amazon.com.

How to buy gymnema sylvestre:

Leading department stores may still not market it since gymnema sylvestre supplements are still relatively unknown in the West but this is not a reason why you should not buy gymnema sylvestre. It is best and easiest purchased online. It is marketed in several forms online such as pills, tablets, dried, organic, teas and extracts.

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  1. Geoff Oslund

    I would just like to say one thing- this substance has a marvelous property and use as a culinary item- dulling the sweet taste in foods allows more savory and interesting flavors to come out in foods! I would recommend that this article be edited to reflect this fact!

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