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Bitter Melon Drink

Bitter Melon Drink

Diabetes mellitus, often simply referred to as diabetes, is a chronic ailment, which means it cannot be healed. It leads to a life of medication and monitoring blood sugar level. Diabetic patients know that there is no treatment for this, and so the goal is to manage and control diabetes. Bitter melon drink can help, in that respect.

Everybody has a sweet tooth. Chocolates and liquor are very difficult to resist and once the human body gets too much sugar, diabetes mellitus sets in. A person with diabetes is often hungry, thirsty, and urinating.

There are three types of diabetes. The first is when the body stops producing insulin. In such a case, it is necessary to inject insulin. Another type is specifically with pregnant women and related to pregnancy. This is called gestational diabetes.

The other and most common type is when body cells fail to properly use insulin. This is called Type- 2 diabetes, which is characterized when body tissues defectively respond to insulin.

Physicians advise that the best ways to manage or control diabetes are supplements and a change of lifestyle. Diabetic persons should avoid eating too many chocolates, cakes, ice cream and bread and drinking too much liquor, soft drinks and synthetic fruit juices.  Instead, patients should regularly exercise and focus on eating healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole wheat products. Among all kinds of vegetables, bitter melon or bitter gourd is most helpful in keeping blood sugar level low. A daily consumption of bitter melon helps manage one’s sugar level.

Type-2 diabetic patients have weak muscles because they are unable to convert blood sugar into energy. They are insulin-resistant, which means their fat and muscles don’t use insulin properly.  Regular exercise activates a certain enzyme that helps in transporting glucose to cells and tissues. Bitter melon creates a similar effect.  Bitter melon contains charantin and polypeptide P, which are natural insulin replacements.

Eventhough it is a great cure for diabetes, the problem with bitter melon is that, well, it is too bitter.  Eating it is not pleasant to anyone who has not been used to eating the melons for years. For this reason, the bitter vegetable is usually converted and packaged as a bitter melon tea, juice, extract, tablets or supplements.

These products are available in Asian produce markets or online. But since diabetes is managed for life, it is practical for a diabetic person to learn how to prepare bitter melon drink.

When buying bitter melon fruits, choose only the unripe, green ones. An orange bitter melon is rotting and has become too bitter. Another type of bitter melon drink is tea made from bitter melon leaves or shoots, but the one made with the gourds is more common.  Once you have the gourd in hand, slice it lengthwise to remove the white seeds inside. The seeds are edible but it is better not to eat them because the extreme bitterness can cause nausea and vomiting, especially to unaccustomed palate. Once cleaned of seeds, liquefy or juice 4 to 5 melons for a serving of nutritional bitter melon drink. Consume a small glass of bitter melon juice with an empty stomach. Drink every morning for 3 to 5 months.  Remember that bitter melon juice is not safe for pregnant women.

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