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fennel seeds

Fennel Seeds

Feel like you want to throw up but you don’t want to take some medicine? Well, you don’t have to! Do you know that there are herbs in your kitchen that you can actually use to stop queasiness? Do you know that you can use fennel seeds for nausea? That’s right: fennel seeds, coming from a plant often referred to as the “wonder herb for women” because of its many remedies for women and the female reproductive system, are an excellent remedy for many digestive disorders, including nausea.

Fennel seeds contain anethole, which treats intestinal spasms, colic, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and many other kinds of stomach pain. If you’re nauseated, you can chew on fennel seeds to stop the sickness. You can also make a tea out of fennel seeds by heating one and a half teaspoon of crushed fennels into a cup of water. If you don’t have fennel seeds in your pantry or in your garden, you may also purchase fennel extracts and mix that in your drink.

Fennel seeds have no known serious side effects and are safe even for babies. However, because fennel seeds have the ability to relax uterine muscles, it’s best to stay away from them when you’re pregnant to avoid pre-term delivery. So, if you’re experiencing nausea because you’re pregnant, do not take fennel seeds or fennel seeds tea.


  1. Do not drink sparkling and carbonated drinks.
  2. Do not eat heavily. Until your stomach has settled, take some light crackers or toasted breads instead.
  3. Do not eat fried, greasy and sweet foods. Although some find that eating potato chips and junk foods eases the nausea, oil and fats from junk foods are actually more difficult to digest and may result to a more upset stomach.
  4. Do not combine hot and cold foods.
  5. Do not do strenuous activity after eating. In addition, if you’re lying down, sit up and stand up slowly. Avoid standing up quickly.
  6. Do not brush your teeth after eating.
  7. Do drink ice-cold drinks. Drink or sip slowly. Do not gulp it all in one drinking.
  8. Do drink plenty of water. Dehydration can aggravate nausea, so drink lots of water or eat vegetables high in water content like carrots and celery.
  9. Do eat bland foods. Again, crackers are your best-friend when you have a feeling of nausea. You can also try eating chicken broth and avoid overly spicy foods. Eat slowly and eat smaller servings and just compensate by eating frequently.
  10. Do add a small slice of lemon or lime to your fennel seeds tea. You can also add a squeeze of orange juice to your drinking water.

The above would control if not relieve nausea. Remember, however, that nausea may sometimes be a symptom of a more serious underlying disease. If drinking or eating fennels does not ease the queasiness, and if the nausea occurs rather regularly, you should consult a doctor. Otherwise, you’re right to go natural. Explore natural remedies first and take fennel seeds for nausea.

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