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Milk Thistle for menopause

Milk Thistle

Do you know that a clean and healthy liver leads to a smoother and stress-free perimenopause and menopause? Many experts claim that poor blood circulation and the build-up of estrogen can be responsible for many women’s health problems including breast, ovarian and uterine cancer. Nowadays, estrogen is present in almost all food types and is even in the insecticides that are sprayed on vegetables and fruits. The liver removes these excess hormones, but if it is weak, the accumulation of estrogens will eventually trap in breast tissues, uterus and ovaries. This leads to growth of abnormal tissues such as fibroids, cysts and cancer in these organs. That is why it is recommended that women take good care of the liver before their menopausal period by detoxifying their liver. Using alternative forms of treatment such as herbal medicine may offer a huge help in cleansing the liver. Silymarin is popular for its hepatoprotective property and as such, taking milk thistle for menopause allows you to detoxify the liver to prevent unpleasant menopausal symptoms.

Milk thistle is considered a liver cleansing herb, taken by many women undergoing menopausal stage. The use of natural herbs like milk thistle for menopause may help women who are experiencing certain life changes. Although there other herbs that can alleviate menopausal symptoms, experts suggest taking milk thistle as it is safe and well-tolerated.

When a woman is nearing the end of her childbearing years, hormonal changes occur. As such, anxiety and depression may be experienced, not to mention the daily stresses that can be more overwhelming before the beginning of menopause. Milk thistle works as a mood stabilizer and antidepressant, thereby reducing signs of anxiety or depression.

During the menopausal stage, the liver is overworked as it tries to adapt to the transition that the body is experiencing as well as coping with the surge of hormones. Aside from being overworked, it is also overloaded with toxins. Thus, it cannot properly metabolize neurotransmitters and hormones. This is the reason why many women become very sensitive to certain food and chemicals. It is important to cleanse and detoxify the liver by eating nutritious food and taking herbal supplements like milk thistle to support liver function. If you are given prescription medications for your menopausal symptoms, talk to your doctor before taking milk thistle for menopause as it may be flushed out of your system too quickly.

During menopause, a woman may experience fatigue, constipation and even weight gain. The function of the liver is vital for menopausal women. If the liver works sluggishly, it may not properly make use of fat as fuel since it works harder to metabolize the abundance of hormones. With this, energy levels become low and the body stores fat. Using milk thistle prevents fat storage and uses it as fuel. Another effect of surging hormones during menopause is the reduction of bile production. Bile being the body’s natural laxative, slow production of bile may cause constipation resulting to compromised digestive health.

Taking milk thistle for menopause is only one of the things that women should do in order to alleviate undesirable menopausal symptoms. Exercise, a balanced diet and stress reduction are essential components that should be maintained because menopause should be a smooth and healthy transition for women.

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