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They say that mulberries and diabetes go hand in hand when it comes to reducing sugars of those suffering from diabetes. Mulberry leaves have long been used as a prevention and treatment of diabetes by Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It then comes as no surprise that mulberry for diabetes treatments are still used today.

Controlling blood sugar or glucose levels is the most important factor in treating diabetes. The body responds to rising blood sugar levels by producing more insulin. Now if the demand for more insulin happens too often or too strongly, the pancreatic function of the insulin producer may be at risk. Cells then become resistant to insulin as it tries to facilitate the transport of glucose through cell walls. When this happens, insulin resistance takes place that often lead to type 2 diabetes.

Mulberry then works by blocking unwanted excessive sugars before they enter the bloodstream. Mulberry leaves, in particular, possess a compound known as deoxynojirimycin that inhibits the breaking down of carbohydrates. Because deoxynojirimycin has great similarities to glucose, this compound gets absorbed by the body instead of sugar. The excess glucose is then discharged by the body. In turn, this compound surpasses blood sugar levels and therefore, helps prevent diabetes. Such chemical compounds however may only be extracted from mulberry leaves. Since mulberry leaves prevent large amounts of carbohydrates and sugar from entering the blood stream, it can also help with weight problems.

Japanese researchers found that when rats were pretreated with mulberry extract before they were fed amounts of carbohydrates; their blood glucose levels were significantly suppressed after their meal. They soon concluded that mulberry extract can potentially serve as the main ingredient in supplements that can help manage and prevent diabetes. Since mulberry products are also sterilized with heat, they are safe to consume without the added preservatives.

Diabetes is a complicated kind of diseases with plenty of health risks such as cataracts and atherosclerosis. Because of the insufficient blood levels of antioxidants, this then leads to oxidative stress which in turn, produces such heath risks. People suffering diabetes are known to have lower oxidants level making them susceptible for oxidative stress. Mulberries can then help in such aspects due to the plenty of antioxidants found in mulberry leaves.

Drinking mulberry supplements is not only a natural way of reducing blood sugar in the body but also a cost effective way to do so. Most people take such supplements right after consuming a meal while some prefer taking it before a meal. Drinking mulberry tea before or after a meal is also a good option. Compared to artificial medicine, there are no major side effects associated with mulberries. Diabetics are then able to save their organs such as the kidney and liver compared to the artificial drugs made by pharmaceutical companies.

Since research has shown that using mulberry for diabetes really is effective, the sales of mulberries have rocketed to more than double of the usual amount. More and more people, not just diabetics alone, are then turning to more natural ways of controlling their blood sugar levels. Mulberries then seem to be on their way to be the key to curing diabetes.

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