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Pau d Arco cream

Pau d Arco

The recent trend in skin care and beauty products places more trust in herbal creams and lotions containing natural elements. More and more women and even men have realized the significance of the purity of what they apply to their skin, just as they have realized the importance of ensuring the organic nature of the food they take. This is in cases where the skin is suffering from disorders and lesions, where sensitive and allergic reactions may easily develop. Many people have sensitive skin and many skin care product manufacturers create fragrance-free, paraben-free lotions or ones that contain only natural ingredients. One example is the Pau d’Arco cream, a soothing lotion that may treat different forms of skin lesions and allergic reactions.

Pau d’Arco extract is a potent plant-based extract derived from the inner bark of Pau d’Arco. With the help of modern technology, its active compounds are isolated and used in a wide variety of products including Pau d’Arco herbal lotions. It is certainly tolerated better when applied to skin compared to synthetic products.

Pau d’Arco is not only taken internally by the Incas and indigent tribes of South America. Traditionally, the inner bark of Pau d’Arco was used externally as a poultice and decoction for treating various kinds of skin conditions. Due to the profound anti-microbial, anti-fungal and astringent effects of the bark, it creates a hostile and unsuitable environment for proliferation of fungi.

Oftentimes, manufacturers have their own recipe of Pau d’Arco cream. Some add herbal oils to add a rejuvenating effect to the skin. Amongst the natural oils or ingredients commonly combined with Pau d’Arco lotion or cream are aloe vera el, grape seed oil, rose hip oil, rosemary oil and other natural oils. These unique combinations have been formulated for easy cosmetic application.

Pau d’Arco herbal cream can be used on a number of skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, herpes outbreak and other fungal infections. The antibacterial and antifungal property of Pau d’Arco makes it an effective topical herbal remedy against these skin infections. It also creates a soothing feeling, which is ideal for healing massage. Pau d’Arco does not possess any irritating smells or leave a greasy feeling. It brings relief to patchy, dry and rough skin, giving your skin that extra support and moisture that it needs. By applying Pau d’Arco lotion, you won’t only improve the natural smoothness and softness of your skin, you can also get protection from harmful microorganisms.

When buying Pau d’Arco cream, check its other combined ingredients. Some products may be useful in regenerating skin cells, speed up the natural healing process or lighten the appearance of scars from recent wounds. Whatever the benefits, make sure that the content of Pau d’Arco extract is at a sufficient and safe concentration level – enough to be absorbed and accepted by the skin to avoid any adverse reactions. Keep in mind that the skin is one of the most important assets that must be cared for and maintained carefully. In order to achieve this, it is best to keep the skin moisturized and free of any form of skin problem.

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