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pau d arco for diabetes

Pau d Arco

Based on the traditional South American medicine, the native people revered the use of Pau d’Arco for diabetes. Diabetes can be summarized as a disorder affecting glucose metabolism. A diabetic may always appear to have a relative or even absolute deficiency of insulin, a hormone secreted in the pancreas. Insulin lowers the blood sugar content to a normal level that is useful to the organism.

If there is very low insulin production, sugar crystals will build up by themselves on the blood vessel walls. In diabetics, the glucose metabolism is greatly disturbed by the unconsumed excess of sugar. With this, the vulnerability to infection heightens, poor vision develops, vitality diminishes and the tissues on the limbs may die off because of increasing poor blood circulation. Besides genetic factors, common risk factors that lead to the development of diabetes are chronic high stress levels, large portions of sugar in the diet, excessive alcohol consumption, a sedentary lifestyle and excessive weight.

The touted effect of Pau d’Arco on diabetes is its exceptional ability to inhibit absorption of glucose in the intestines. Since it directly mixes into the bloodstream without being reformed by the metabolism, glucose increases the blood sugar level in a way that is not bearable to the body. Therefore, huge amounts of insulin are produced by the pancreas in order to normalize the level of blood sugar. Oftentimes, this imbalance results to a hypoglycemic state, causing fatigue and sweet-cravings.

With today’s industrial sugar frequently eaten, either in pure or ‘packaged’ state, all of this causes extreme strain on the pancreas-so much so that it affects the gland’s ability to secrete insulin during the times that health is compromised. Now if the glucose absorption in the intestine is disrupted by Pau d’Arco, this supports the pancreas from overwork. On top of that, the metabolism will be forced to source out huge parts of energy from the consumption of carbohydrates. This improves optimum well-being by normalizing appetite, reducing hunger and encouraging an increasing possibility towards healthier nutrition.

In most cases, even just a few weeks or months, given a properly balanced diet is enforced, some overweight people can lose weight with this approach, without the need to starve themselves. These are ideal preconditions for helping the pancreas to recover. By continued use of Pau d’Arco for diabetes, one can improve the function of both spleen and pancreas. Along with taking herbal supplement such as Pau d’Arco, it is best to combine regular exercise to encourage oxygen supply. Pau d’Arco may also prevent certain metabolic problems and aid against tissue degeneration.

Aside from the effect of Pau d’Arco in inhibiting glucose absorption in the intestine, its natural antibiotic activity does not have any side effects and may help in curing inflammation, which is commonly suffered by diabetics and is a common cause of limb amputation.

Due to the wide-ranging beneficial effects of Pau d’Arco for diabetes along its excellent tolerability, Pau d’Arco is currently receiving firm research support in diabetes therapy. A person with a higher risk of developing diabetes mellitus is well advised to use Pau d’Arco as a common house tea in his/her health program.

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