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fennel seeds

Fennel Seeds

An excellent source of many health benefits, fennel seeds have gained popularity as a natural cure for many illnesses. Of all the herbs known to humankind, fennel seeds seem to have the most number of diseases they can treat and cure. Fennel seed is a famous remedy for indigestion, but you can also use it for inflammation problems of any kind.

As digestive ailment remedies, fennel seeds can treat inflammation of the diverticulum in the digestive tract, Crohn’s disease, colitis and all other kinds of intestinal inflammations. Fennel seeds can cure gastro-intestinal disorders and inflammations because of their muscle-relaxant and anti-inflammatory properties. And because of those anti-inflammatory properties, fennel seeds can also be used as an analgesic and help to alleviate pain without you losing consciousness or alertness. In addition, fennel seeds may also relieve symptoms of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.

Fennel seeds are also very effective in treating inflammations in the respiratory system. Common respiratory infections and viral infections that cause inflammation of the respiratory tracts can be treated effectively by fennel seeds.

Fennel seeds as treatment for inflammation are absolutely safe. In fact, in Europe, fennel seeds syrups are prescribed to children suffering from inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Fennel seeds also work in the treatment of inflammation of the eyes like conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the conjunctiva caused by infections, injuries or allergies. Because fennel seeds are also rich in anti-bacterial properties, it is ideal to use for cleaning of infected eyes. It can treat glaucoma, cloudy vision, pain, redness and eye inflammation safely.


The active component of fennel seeds, anethole, works wonder on blocking inflammations. It helps relieve inflammation by inhibiting the inflammatory response of a system in our cells known as NF Kappa B. NF Kappa B, a systematic function found within cells, was proven in a significant number of studies to be responsible for many inflammatory diseases including cancer, myocardial infarction, Crohn’s disease, atherosclerosis, allergy, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and many others.

In another study, fennel seeds were proven to significantly increase effectiveness of the antioxidant super oxide dismutase in lowering inflammatory reactions of our cells to stimulants.


Except for eye inflammations, the prescribed method is for you to consume fennel seeds as a drink, as a condiment or like an after-meal candy, chewing it raw and directly after a meal. It is believed that the volatile oils of the fennel seeds contain much of the health-giving benefits, and thus it might be best to drink its juice. To juice fennel or make a tea concoction, just heat a cup of water with one and a half teaspoon of fennel seeds. Crushed fennel seeds make a slightly bitter-tasting tea, so you can heat it uncrushed if you want. Most herbalists also believe that boiling the mixture will rid it of the essential nutrients, so it’s best to not let it reach its boiling point.

You can also use your fennel seeds as a spice and add them to your favorite dishes. To use fennel seeds for inflammation of the eyes, just boil 1 and 1/3 cups of distilled water with 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds. Leave it for 15 minutes and then drain the seeds. The solution is then used to clean the infected eyes.

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