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Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto berry extract is most widely known for its ability to reduce the size of swollen prostates and therefore alleviate the symptoms of the ailment. Through the years, men suffering from the painful and debilitating symptoms of an enlarged prostate have benefitted from saw palmetto. The herb is also known to treat related prostate infections and possibly even prostate cancer. Besides these obvious benefits to men, however, the herb is also known for another interesting use, this time to women – breast enlargement. Below is important information on saw palmetto and breast enlargement.

When pertaining to saw palmetto as an herbal medicine, one means the saw palmetto berries that grow annually from the saw palmetto palm tree. The berries are the only medicinal part of the saw palmetto, not the leaves or seeds. Aboriginal Americans also ate the berries as food.

The saw palmetto is a dwarf palm tree that cannot grow beyond 6 feet (although there is a variety that could grow much, much taller and live up to 700 years old.) It thrives in Florida, specifically along Sarasota to Miami. Because aboriginal native residents of Florida named it “saw palmetto”, which means “spring of life”, historical rumors say that the palm tree could be the Fountain of Youth that Juan Ponce de Leon talked about when he discovered Florida in the 16th Century.

Sadly, there are not as many saw palmetto trees in Florida today, although they also thrive in nearby winter-free states. Florida, which means “land of flowers”, used to have abundant palmetto shrubbery. Modernization, however, has destroyed and bulldozed acres and acres of this wonder plant.

To extract the medicinal benefits of saw palmetto, aboriginal medicine-men for centuries prepared and crushed saw palmetto berries to produce cures for colds, cough, ulcer, pains related to urination and pains related to menstruation. Today, saw palmetto extracts are commercialized as an herbal supplement and sold in stores and online, supposedly to provide the same cures that ancient doctors have always believed in.

For now, however, modern studies have confirmed only one of the herb’s alleged therapeutic claims, and that is to treat prostate swelling. Unverified benefits include the treatment for acne and balding, and its status as an agent in producing breast milk and enlarging the female breasts.

Saw palmetto has been found to contain the female hormone prolactin. This hormone gives women that feeling of fullness and firmness. Records reveal that woman who have tried the extract and consumed 160 mg of 85-95% concentration daily have observed results in just 30 days. Some, however, took almost a full year before enjoying the results.

Some have tried mixing saw palmetto with other herbs that contain diosgenin and saw amazing results. They claim to have observed 10 to 30% increase in their bust size.

Although not many research studies have been devoted to the study of saw palmetto and breast enlargement, hundreds of women have tried the herb since it is known to be safe and has only minor side effects, such as vomiting, stomach discomfort and nausea. In fact, lactating mothers who have taken saw palmetto to promote their breast milk production observed that breast enlargement was itself the side effect.

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