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Since sambong is widely known as an aide in treating a series of health problems, tablet forms have recently been introduced. Sambong tablet is available in 250 mg and 500 mg powdered Blumea balsamifera leaves, more popularly known as sambong. The tablet is usually used as a diuretic and for the dissolution of kidney stone. The said tablets are available in plain, uncoated, and discoid shape with a diameter of about 7/16 inch.

When you purchase the tablets from the market, each may have different colors, although the most common colors of it would be greenish brown to green. The tablet has a distinctive odor. Even though the herb is now offered in tablets, it contains all the natural ingredients of the herb without any chemical compounds. It has also been proven effective as a diuretic and safe to be used by edema patients.

In the Philippines where the herb is mostly cultivated and used, the tablet form of sambong is listed in the country’s National Drug Formulary as a diuretic drug. Several brand names of the tablet have surfaced since the first tablet form was produced. It is up to the consumer to find the legitimate tablets, although rest assured that they are very easy to find. Just make sure that the tablet you purchase is approved by the Bureau of Foods and Drugs.

When using the tablet as a diuretic, it can help remove the excess water and sodium from the body. This will improve the flow of fluids in the body so that the organs can function well.

For using sambong tablets for patients with kidney problems, health experts recommend that only those who are experiencing difficulty in their urinary system and a normal kidney function can take the tablets. Those who are supposed to have developed kidney stones have to check with their physicians first prior to taking any natural tablets.

In case the patient’s kidney stones has been eliminated and want to take the tablets for prevention, it is still required that he consult his doctor first. The herbal tablet may help in removing the remaining fragments of the kidney stone, thus preventing the disease from reoccurring.

Apart from the tablet forms of sambong, healthy diet, adequate intake of fluids and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is required. Relying on the tablets alone will not completely treat the disease. Even if it gets treated, the disease can still reoccur if one continues his unhealthy habits.

Sambong tablets are guaranteed safe to take. So far, a lot of people who have been taking the sambong tablet have had significant changes in their treatment. It is even said to help aide cancer treatment. The thing that experts want users to know, however, is that the tablets are only effective in treating symptoms. It has not yet been proven to completely cure kidney problems and cancer, and only helps in relieving symptoms.

The tablets are now available in selected drug stores. In the Philippines and other nearby countries, the tablets are being sold in major health stores.

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