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Knowing how to buy mulberries will depend on what you essentially need. There are too many parts of a mulberry plant that offer such a diverse list of benefits. Knowing what you need it for will then help you with what kind of mulberry item or which part of the mulberry part to specifically buy and where to buy such mulberry products.

Like many fruits, fresh mulberries usually come in season which commonly starts in early June. Fresh mulberries can usually be seen being sold in grocery stores, supermarkets, and farmer’s markets. However, the problem with fresh mulberries is that they spoil easily, not lasting more than a few days. Make sure to consume them immediately once you buy fresh mulberry fruits. Some supermarkets also sell frozen mulberries so the supply of such fruits would not go to waste even when mulberries go out of season. Remember that mulberries in any form are quite rare, especially during the winter and spring seasons.

Dried mulberries can be an exciting alternative to the more common dried berries. Dried mulberries are usually crunchy and have a sweet and almost floral flavor, making them great additions to oatmeal, yoghurt, and cereal. Dried mulberries in bulk are commonly sold to wholesale markets and restaurants with high turnover rates. These, however, are said to be higher in quality than those repackaged and sold at your local supermarket. Either way, dried mulberries are pretty abundant in almost all locations.

Mulberry leaf tea is naturally caffeine-free with no added chemicals or preservatives. Among all the mulberry products, this is the most popular. Mulberry leaf tea can be bought from your local supermarket or tea specialty store as they are often used as an herbal supplement to balance blood sugar levels associated with diabetes.

When buying mulberry tea, it is important to choose the highest grade of loose leaf tea. Not only are you able to re-infuse your tea for up to four times, but loose tea leaves also have prolonged shelf lives of up to 18 months. Choosing organic mulberry tea is also important in order to assure that no harmful chemicals were used to grow and harvest the tea.

Since mulberry trees offer such diverse benefits from root to crop, having your own mulberry plant will be a good idea. The best place to look for mulberry trees is to check with your local garden center or nursery. There is quite the variety of mulberry trees to choose from, but white mulberries are the most commonly sold because they are the easiest to grow. Once you have your own mulberry plant, you can enjoy the entirety of the mulberry’s benefits anytime you please.

When all else fails, you can also opt to buy online. Dried mulberries and mulberry leaf tea are very convenient and affordable to buy online. These two mulberry products often have longer shelf life, making them perfect items to buy online. Make sure to look for online stores that offer free shipping and deliver in a short period of time.

Regardless of which form of mulberries you buy, the important thing is that you take in the health benefits that mulberries so extravagantly provide. By knowing what kind of mulberry products you need and where to buy them, you can then enjoy these juicy little fruits to the fullest.

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