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Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds

So you’ve heard all about the wonders of fennel seeds and you’re quite convinced it might do its miracles with you too. If you’re asking yourself where can I buy fennel seeds and you’re ready to buy fennel seeds and try it yourself, you’ve made the right decision.

Fennel seeds can be taken not only when you’re sick and you need its remedial benefits. Fennel seeds can also be taken regularly as a tea and like a candy after meals. If it could help you remedy bodily dysfunctions, it sure could help you improve and maintain your health too.


Fennel seeds can be bought at spice sections of groceries, health food stores, Indian shops, Chinese health stores and at big supermarkets as well. Cheap fennel seeds are also available on the Internet. You can find many sellers of fennel seeds tea, extracts, seeds, leaves and oil on the Internet. Popular selling sites like Amazon also sell fennel seeds.

If you’re thinking of planting fennels, seeds of fennels can be found in the supermarket and plant stores. There are two varieties of fennels, so just make sure you’re getting the one you want and need. There are also online sellers of fennel seeds for planting. Use the ever helpful Google to find the cheapest seeds.


There are many benefits to growing your own fennel seeds. It’s a must if you already have a green thumb. Otherwise, the effort in growing your own fennels equals the benefits you will gain from it.

Fennel seeds, like all other herbs and spices, don’t cost much and buying a bottle won’t break your bank. However, needless to say, it would be cheaper to pick them up yourself from your garden than to get them at the store.

If you’re growing them yourself, you can also grow them organically or keep the fertilizers to a minimum and be sure you’re getting them as healthy as healthy goes. It doesn’t amount to much immediately but as many other lovers of all things natural would tell you, the long-term effects are wonderful.

And because all parts of the plant fennel are edible, nothing goes to the bin. You can use every part of the plant you like and never bother about where you could buy fennel seeds again.


You’ll find that a lot of manufacturers and herbalists have already thought of including fennels in every imaginable herbal product. Lotions with fennel seeds are offered in beauty shops along with fennel extracts designed to increase the breast size of women.

Fennel food concoctions are also available. There are fennel dips, fennel ready-to-rub oils for meats and fish and fennel seeds tea bags and tea concoctions. If you want to buy fennel seeds in their raw form, which is more readily available in your local supermarket, you can buy them whole or crushed. There are just so many options available, but with the many ways of including fennels in your diet too, that is just perfect, right?

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