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fennel seeds

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds, which come from an herb native to the Mediterranean region, are a wondrous remedy that can be used for de-worming both adult and kids. Worms don’t just live off vulnerable children. Worms can also infect adults, even healthy ones. But there’s hope: you can use fennel seeds for intestinal worm problems and parasitic treatment.

There are three types of worms that infect humans: the roundworms, the tapeworms and the flukes. The most common types of roundworms include pinworms, hookworms, and whipworms. Children are more vulnerable to pinworms and they are rarely found in adults.

That doesn’t mean children can’t get infected by other worms though. Hookworms can get through the body by a person walking barefoot on infected soil. Infected soils are soils that have traces of human feces. Thus, infection of hookworms can be prevented by wearing shoes and by practicing sanitary disposal of body’s solid wastes every time all the time.

Tapeworms, on the other hand, invade our body through the digestive system. Beef, pork, fish and meats of any kinds should be cooked thoroughly because they often contain eggs and larvae of tapeworms. That is why pregnant women are always advised to stay away from raw meats.

To treat worms naturally and expel them from the body, herbal remedies like drinking fennel tea will prove helpful. Its mild laxative properties that promote intestinal motility will help flush worms out of your body. Also, fennel seeds function like a sedative to worms. It is assumed that when worms are in a state of rest, they cannot lay eggs and multiply in your body. That is why worms do not like fennel seeds, and worms can be easily expelled out of your system when you drink fennel seeds tea.


According to WHO, about 80 percent of the world’s population are infected with parasites, and not all of them live in developing countries. Parasites are everywhere and can live anywhere, and people who underestimate parasites are at high-risk of being infected by them due to carelessness.

If you do not realize that worms can be passed on by a simple and casual contact, by not giving importance to good hygiene like simple washing of hands every meal, by petting pets and then not washing your hands after, you put yourself at high risk of parasitic infection.

Worm infection is a serious health problem. Why? Because worms can lodge anywhere in your body. In fact, parasitological experts believe they are rarely found in the stomach intestines. Once you’re infected with parasites, they can settle not just in your intestines but also in other parts of your body. A worm can hide in your brain, in your liver, lungs, heart and everywhere else where you’re not functioning optimally. Some worms can cause grave complications: a particular worm that existed from ancient times to now even causes seizures due to its eventual migration to the brain.

So it’s important to treat them immediately, even though the symptoms may not appear at once. Drinking fennel seeds for intestinal worms will do you a great deal of good. It will not only rid you of parasitic worms: with its many medicinal benefits it will also make you a healthier person.

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