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fennel seeds

Fennel Seeds

Are you suffering from bad breath? Do you know that the rich spices you like to eat often are the culprits of this unsavory problem? Are you constantly afraid of opening your mouth to talk to another person in close proximity? Well it’s time to put an end to all of that and take control of your health and your social relationships. It’s time you took fennel seeds for bad breath.

Don’t get fooled by this little seed-like fruit of the medicinal plant fennel. Underneath that wrinkled surface lies the most powerful plant of its kind. It can treat all kinds of internal problems, from digestive to female reproductive disorders. And yes, it can treat bad breath too!

The seemingly unimportant fennel seeds actually pack many remedies for many ailments and diseases. Traditionally, it has been used to fend off hunger by the Puritans during long religious services. They chewed on the seeds during their meetings and have actually nicknamed the seeds “meeting seeds” because of this. In India, fennel seeds are given after a meal to chase away the taste of rich dishes. And because it was believed to have a wonderful effect on digestion of food, the generations before us have also included fennel seeds in their cooking preparation and foods.

Today, people have picked up on the habit and started chewing fennel seeds as well every after meal. Its aromatic licorice-like smell will coat your tongue and the insides of your mouth upon chewing. Studies have yet to be conducted on the effectiveness of fennel seeds on bad breath but science has already confirmed the presence of anti-bacterial components in fennel seeds. And since bad breath is caused by presence of bacteria in the mouth and tongue, that’s a good enough reason for many to take fennel seeds for bad breath.

Of course you can always seek professional help if you’re in doubt fennel would make a difference, but why do that when you can fix the problem naturally, safely and cheaply? Just take fennel seeds like a candy, chewing thoroughly before swallowing. You will not only be relieved of embarrassing bad breath but you will also reap the many benefits of taking and including fennel seeds in your diet.


The truth is, every single person diffuses bad mouth odor, only that it is uncontrolled in some. Odors also vary in level or strength depending on several factors. Eating strong spices with lingering odors like garlic and onion and practicing habits like smoking and drinking alcohol are the most common causes of temporary bad breath. More permanent odors are caused by cavities in teeth and bacteria in the mouth, sinusitis and internal body odors. The good thing about fennel seeds is that they treat not just the mouth parts but also odors that are coming from inside the body. In fact, another popular remedy that fennel seeds offer is the treatment and cure of body odor.

There are just so many factors that can contribute to having bad breath, not least of all is the kind of lifestyle a person leads. But fennel seeds for bad breath work, so whatever kind of food you love, or the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to, fennel seeds might just be the one you need.

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