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fennel seeds

Fennel Seeds

They say eyes are the windows of our souls. You can indeed read a person’s emotions by looking deep into his eyes. In medicine, the eyes also show the state of health of a person. Tired-looking eyes and puffy eyes are just some of the indications of poor physical health. So, whether you’re thinking of curing your eyes of these “indications” or you’re looking for natural eye home remedies for conjunctivitis, you’d be glad to know that you can use fennel seeds for the eyes.

Fennel seeds are not only for cooking or for baking. They are not only for treating internal body dysfunctions. Externally used, fennel seeds are a good fix for many eye problems.
Eye problems like dry and tired eyes, which are caused by the pollution, ozone gas and the heat can be easily remedied by washing the eyes with a fennel seeds concoction. Fennel seeds extract is an ideal natural remedy in these days when people always look for quick fixes in their busy lives. It’s quick, safe, effective and very cheap.


Fennel seeds have been used thousands of years earlier in treating eye infections caused by bacteria. It’s also been proven to be effective in treating itchy eyes, red eyes, dry eyes and swollen eyes. You can use fennel seeds eye baths to cleanse out dust and irritants after a long day or for a refreshing wash in the morning.


It’s easy to make eye baths. Here is an eye bath fennel seeds recipe you can easily do at home. Use 1 and 1/3 cups of distilled water for 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds. Boil the water and pour it on the seeds in a small container. Cover and leave the seeds immersed in the water for 15 minutes. Then drain and keep in a clean bottle container.

Remember to always use distilled or pure water to avoid getting infections. Be sure you’re using clean bottles to store the mixture as well. Keep it in a cool dry place and do not store for longer than 24 hours to avoid bacterial growth.

To use the mixture, soak a clean cloth on the mixture and use it as an eye-patch to get rid of swollen eyes. For pink eyes, wash your eyes with the mixture. Then, rub gently on the base of the eyelashes. Make sure you wash all the surrounding area of the eyes and make sure you have clean hands as well.

If you prefer to use herbal fennel seeds solution instead of the raw seeds, you can also do so. Add 10 drops of water to a cup of distilled water. Boil while stirring occasionally and use as directed.

So, for natural cure, use fennel seeds for the eyes. Fennel seeds are guaranteed to treat all your bacterial eye problems. They can also relax the eye muscles and can relieve eye strain. So, if your work involves using your eyes for most of the day, staring in the computer all day, you can also use fennel seeds mixture to wash and invigorate your eyes daily. It is safe for everyday use, making it the perfect natural eye remedy.

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    Am Samuel in Ghana in the garden city, Kumasi. Where can get some of the FENNEL SEEDS to buy. Is there any herbal shop in Ghana that I some to buy?

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